Innocean Worldwide

Global CEO Message

Discover Beyond - Our vision is our passion for tomorrow

The word "INNOCEAN" is a combination of ‘Innovation’ and ‘Ocean’ and embraces our core vision to become, in essence, ‘An Ocean of Innovation’.

The company was founded with the aim of becoming a leader in the global communication industry, firmly based on innovations of strategy and creativity.

Guided by our vision ‘DISCOVER INNOVATIVE POWER IN YOU’ INNOCEAN Worldwide is evolving into a total marketing communications group. To achieve this goal, we deliver improved value against increasingly difficult challenges in the rapidly changing market environment of the 21st century. Here we respond to the opportunities not only in media, but also in society, based on consumers’ ever-changing needs for information and communication.

Based on this philosophical foundation, INNOCEAN Worldwide is continuously strengthening its global competitiveness and adding value to every element of marketing activity.

Providing the highest level of integrated marketing expertise, INNOCEAN Worldwide is growing to become a global leader in the marketing communications industry.

I personally welcome you to the exciting world of INNOCEAN Worldwide.